We aren't perfect

And we aren't trying to be

Jeff Dunham, Zara Reid and Daniel Hirsch reconnected in Brooklyn in 2016 at an investigative journalism workshop, and picked up where they had left off.

UnHerd is a space where people are free to share their views, no matter how contrarian, conflicted or careless. We believe free speech is the only way people can dialogue, negotiate and come to an understanding. We discovered a common distrust of identity politics, and a common history of being targeted for voicing our opinions.

UnHerd celebrates nuance, context and individuality. We hate groupthink. We’ve been stereotyped as alt-right supporters because we question the dominant narrative of the Oppression Olympics. In our opinion, there are several ways to support marginalized people that don’t include yelling about white privilege and victimhood. Are we racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic? We don’t think so.
But we respect your right to label us as you see fit.

UnHerd believes shaming, screaming, censoring and guilt-tripping tactics are counterproductive. We’re more inclined towards speaking and listening carefully, looking at the other through the lens of individuality. The other is a mirror to the self.
That doesn’t mean we don’t take the piss out of everyone and everything. We’re cheap like that.

UnHerd is a lighthearted space replete with satire, stupid jokes and stories. We welcome a diversity of opinions. We mingle with the Antifa and Alt-right alike. Social justice warriors are as welcome as social democrats. In fact, everyone’s welcome. We’re inclusive like that.

UnHerd champions satire, political incorrectness, and offensive speech. Our nano-team of three comprises a centrist, a liberal, and a ‘politico-fluid’ person, who fluctuates between liberal and conservative (depending on his mood, the season, and how the season affects his mood).

Disclaimer: UnHerd is not an echo chamber.

Disclaimer: UnHerd is not a safe space.

You may get triggered. You may even call it hate speech. But at its very worst, it’s probably as harmful as a bad joke.

You’re welcome to leave if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We celebrate/support
  • Diversity of opinion
  • Free speech
  • Human rights for everyone, irrespective of gender, orientation and race
  • Free education and basic healthcare
  • Satire
  • Humor, including off-color jokes
  • Compassion
  • Nuance
  • Stereotypes, but not discrimination based on race and gender
We despise
  • Identity politics
  • Identity politics
  • Identity politics
  • Identity politics
  • Identity politics
  • Identity politics
Our Team

Jeff Dunham

Jeff has been fired from The New York Lines and The TransAtlantic for his implicit faith in absolute free speech, and his tendency to write provocative essays that inflame impressionable ideologists.

Jeff loves coffee, kittens and mixed martial arts. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his partner.

Identity Politics Info (for the Haters)

White / Male / Gay / Agnostic / Liberal / Foster Care / Repeatedly Sexually Abused as a Child

Zara Reid

Zara dropped out of her gender studies major after she was suspended for questioning whether rape jokes increase the likelihood of men raping women.

Zara loves art projects, old books, and volunteering with special needs children. After years of wandering the world, she moved to Ithaca, New York, where she lives in a community arts center. She’s creating a paintbrush that modifies the color of paint according to its user’s mood.

Identity Politics Info (for the Haters)

Biracial / Female / Heterosexual / Atheist / Centrist / Family History of Slavery

Daniel Hirsch

Daniel works as CTO for a start-up that conceptualized a self-monitoring exercise program for people with muscular dystrophy. Prior to this, he worked as a photographer for The National Preview for six years.

Daniel loves trekking, contributing to open source software, making pictures and hang gliding. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with two metal heads. Daniel hates metal.

Identity Politics Info (for the Haters)

Male / Bisexual / God-fearing / Right-of-center (half the time) / Jewish / Family Lost Seventeen Relatives in the Holocaust

Image Credit/s: Jon Tyson