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Not your average white supremacist

02/07/2017 Ecstasy Aunt

Hey Ecstasy,
I’m a seventeen-year-old white supremacist. Not your run-of-the-mill Jordan Peterson, Bernie Sanders kinda guy. Those guys are such wimps! The white supremacist community hates them.

I’m more the guy who wears a MAGA cap and thinks white people are pretty rad. I love white culture and sing its praises every second I can. I mean, white people are rich, intelligent, own lots of land, make good music, and control the government. All the things I love. We must be pretty good at what we do, right?

And because of this, I’m a proud, white supremacist. The kind who puts up a Confederate flag outside my door, because that’s what other white supremacists do, according to Google.
I've been dying to ask. What race are you?


Hey Fake, White Supremacist,
I think you’re a poseur. Go look that up in Google, since it appears to be your primary source of information. As for what race I am, why the hell should I tell you? What makes you think you're 'white'? Have you done a DNA test? Do you really think you don’t have some Indian ancestor who humped your great, great, great, great, great grandma? I suggest you take down that Confederate flag, shove it up your tainted white ass, and realize that white people aren't really white, but have a bit of color in them. So do people of other 'races' and countries. There's a reason for that. I believe it's called history, assimilation, and fucking.

I did more MDMA in the 90s than Martha Stewart made pie. But it cracked opened my heart and mind, and gifted me with such empathy that I understand EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. And yet, I don’t suffer fools, and therefore, demagogues lightly.

Write to me at with your woes, you gender-neutral whores.

Esctasy Aunt
Image Credit/s: Samuel Branch

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