Why the Women’s March tanked

01/30/2017 Katelyn Baker 1 comment

No one can be prepared for the sea of pink vaginas bobbing at the Women’s March.

Not even women such as myself who were dressed as one. For the first time in my life, I wished some vaginas were blue.

I stepped foot into the Women’s March at Washington D.C., as galvanized as a raging vagina. I left humiliated and emotionally scarred. When thousands of women are concurrently PMSing, my advice to my past self is to get the fuck away. Never underestimate the power of the collective uterus before a period. I'm serious.

A march in solidarity cannot occur without divisive forces. Not in 2017, where intersectionality, a once meaningful term has degenerated into a power play for victimhood.

How ironic a statement: A power play for victimhood.

I was one of those persons who worshiped at the altar of intersectionality. Identity politics colored my views of the world. Friendships, family, films and all the things I loved were scrutinized through the lens of race, gender and economics. I argued with my white father about his privilege and how he didn’t acknowledge it. I argued with my black mother about systemic oppression, and how our people needed reparations NOW. Neither agreed with me. But they let me rant, praying it was a passing phase.

That phase went on for three, long years. Until January 21, 2017, when my eyes were opened to the excesses of groupthink. I’m sorry, mom and dad. Truly so.

Here’s a summary of the bullshit that was woven through the Women's March, 2017.

"You wore a pink hat and disrespected trans people."

“You didn’t support my gender."

“You didn’t support my orientation."

“You didn’t support my race."

“You didn’t support my community.”

“You didn’t support my disability."

“You didn’t support the color of my vagina."

“You’re abusing trans women by dismissing their lived experiences as real women."

“You praised the suffragette movement which was racist towards black women."

"You’re white and cisgender. I’m a queer person of color. You didn’t make me feel welcome."

"You’re pro-life. Fuck off."

Seriously? You only hang out with people who share your views? You like diversity in appearance but want everyone to think the same? You want to belittle women on account of their race and gender orientation, and expect them to support you at the same time?

Look, sisters, I have a favor to ask. Instead of talking about your sisterhood all day, why don’t you put it into action? Why don’t you really support each other, and stop looking at everyone through the lens of oppression? For one fucking minute in your life, could you act as empowered as you claim to feel?

Empowered women don’t expect everyone else to be their allies, or bully them into doing so via guilt and shaming tactics. First, be your own ally, lady. Get your shit together and march forward with your fellow ladies as sisters, and friends. Watch what you say. Identity politics is currently widening the fissures between you, and it’s not pretty. The intersectionality you hide behind is simply identity politics at a sinister level.

If you can’t sit together on a table as equal representatives of your gender, you have no business blaming the patriarchy for all the woes of the world.

Sisters, get your fucking house in order.

Katelyn Baker attended the women’s march dressed as a vagina, and left feeling like a pussy after she was humiliated by activists who considered her biracial perspective not ‘black’ enough. She’s currently rethinking groupthink, and making amends for her virtue signalling past by volunteering her time teaching English to girls from economically lower backgrounds.
Image Credit/s: Jerry Kiesewetter
Nicholas Math commented on August 27th, 2018
This article was super gay.