10/18/2018 UnHerd

Men pose with banana dicks and spam countless accounts of terrified women

After being shamed and humiliated by women who get traumatized for decades after viewing an unknown penis, the Mens’ Rocks group, Philadelphia has decided it’s payback time. They’re now posing in various stages of undress, holding phallic shaped objects between their legs. The most common theme is unzipped, acid washed jeans and an erect, partially peeled banana peeking out. Other common objects include a variety of slender gourds, the handle of a baseball bat, and in one case, a half-eaten wiener poking through un-buttoned-fly pair of denims.

“I’m sick of all these Free the Nipple and My Hairy Armpit and my Unshaved, Free Bleeding Vagina and my Tits Hanging Out at the Slut Walk women,” says Nicholas Boneur, who is eating the banana he was pressing against his ballsac a minute ago for an Insta photo. “When men attempt to show women a picture of their unsolicited penis, they scream and pretend they’re being attacked by a semi-automatic rifle. But we have to put up with their asses and boobs all the time. I’m sick of the hypocrisy. The last and only time I asked a girl if she wanted to see a picture of my dick, she blocked me after saying “Ewww!”

What the fuck does that even mean? Couldn’t she have just said she didn’t want to see a picture of my junk? Why did she have to judge my dick (which she’s never seen) and then abandon me? I don’t go around screaming “Ewww! Gross!” every time a girl sends me a picture of her tits on Tinder. I appreciate her body and compliment her for it.

I’m not asking women to praise my dick, and I’ll respect their wish not to see it. But I’m sick of them behaving like penises are a disease. Have some respect for my dick, ladies.”

Image Credit/s: Scott Sanker

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