There’s no such thing as Nicholas Matte

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Radical evolutionary sociologist insists Nicholas Matte is a sociocultural construct.

Nicholas Matte, professor at the University of Toronto, created headlines during a discussion on Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech with Steven Paikin, Jordan Peterson and others. The soft-spoken and somewhat smug professor casually mentioned that “Basically, it’s not correct that there is such a thing as biological sex”, and refused to elaborate further “in the interests of time”.

Later into the discussion, Matte went ahead and accused Peterson of “abusing students” by not using their preferred pronouns if compelled by law.

Evolutionary sociologist Rahim McWhorter, who believes that biological sex is binary, has responded with a statement to The New York Lines. “There’s no such thing as Nicholas Matte. Nicholas Matte is a sociocultural construct. It is unfair to assume a person exists because you can see them with your eyes. We are culturally groomed to identify objects and people, and put them in boxes. This creates division and intolerance. Therefore, the statement that biological sex doesn’t exist is negated by the fact that the person who uttered it also doesn’t exist. I repeat. Nicholas Matte is a sociocultural construct, and therefore, neither a biological entity nor real.”

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RadixLecti commented on August 27th, 2018
I think McWhorter's assertion is slightly hyperbolic, but only slightly. I would instead say that Nicholas Matte's personality is a social construct. Since I have no interest in time, I will unpack that for you.

Firstly, Professor Matte achieves the remarkable feat of looking both smug and clueless simultaneously. I hold that the only way to do this is by defining yourself purely by how you wish others to see you. In short, he's smug because he's displaying all the virtues held dear by his social class, but also clueless because his true inner self is a closed book even to him.

Secondly, the confidence of his assertion that there is no such thing as biological sex DOES come across as sincere, in that he actually seems to believe it. So while he probably knows that his own personality is a social construct, he seems to also believe that ALL personalities are social constructs, and that undesirable personality traits can therefore be trained out or legislated against. In short, everything is a social construct, but there are good social constructs and bad social constructs.

Summing up, since we can only judge a person on the personality they display to the outside world, and since no one, including Nicholas Matte, has ever encountered a version of Nicholas Matte that isn't a complete product of his (their?) environment) , it is fair, if slightly misleading, to say that there is no such thing as Nicholas Matte.

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