Our names are real, but our address can’t be. After the Antifa smashed our windows and far-right groups tried to break into our humble studio in Brooklyn, we decided to work out of public spaces, and change location frequently.

If you wish to write an article, be interviewed or need to vent about political correctness, identity politics and the like, drop us a mail at We can't pay writers as of now, but that may change in the future.

We don’t care about your political affiliation, income level, gender identity, disability or the color of your skin. If you’re interesting, you’ve piqued our interest. And yes, we will do everything to protect your identity if you wish to stay anonymous.

We spend a number of hours updating UnHerd, and appreciate all the support our patrons provide. If you’d like to keep us afloat, donations via cryptocurrency are most welcome and appreciated.

Image Credit/s: MILKOVÍ